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Functional Nutrition

Functional nutrition explores how diet and nutrition play a key role in the prevention and the improvement of various diseases and conditions. Food provides medicine for the body—ingesting a precise mix of nutrients optimizes your body’s function. The nutrients from food are the molecules of biochemistry, physiology, and immunology. The food we consume is more than the sum of its nutrients and can be an incremental aspect of healing, wellness and an improved quality of life.


Some of us, as we age, have developed long-term chronic disease states that make us tired, slow us down and sometimes prevent us from achieving our goals.  Although not all damage from illness and disease can be repaired, the human body is capable of a remarkable ability to repair and rebuild itself.

Vast bodies of evidence show that by choosing to eat the right foods, by making simple changes in your lifestyle, you can prevent and even reverse far more disease than any doctor, any hospital, any drug, or by any combination of medical treatments known to man.

nutrition-02In my role as a health care provider, I seek to optimize a patient’s wellness with a focus on whole foods and the addition of supplementation when appropriate. A program will be customized for each individual by looking at their lifestyle, background history and assessing their current health. Depending on your unique needs, this approach can mean ending digestive irregularity, fluctuations in blood sugar, and energy deficiencies.  To name a few benefits, it can also mean proactively lowering your risk of obesity, type II diabetes, hypertension and heart disease.

To reiterate, diet and nutrition from this functional approach focuses on the concept that proper nutrition plays a key role in the prevention and the improvement of various diseases and conditions.

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